Why Personal Training?

Each of our members kicks off his or her membership with a series of personal training sessions in addition to their gym memberships. This is for your benefit! When members begin with a regimen of regular personal training sessions, they build a sustainable foundation for a healthier lifestyle, and they avoid injury, frustration and loss of interest.

 Our Trainers

Our staff is comprised of six highly skilled, senior-level personal trainers. Each of our trainers has undergone intensive training with Exos that enables them to customize each client’s personal training program, to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each visit, and to create a comfortable, welcoming environment that you will love visiting. Our trainers main objective is your well-being. They will assist in helping you maintain a healthy diet, low stress levels and keep you comfortable at all times.

Assessment and Reassessment

Before kicking off your personal training experience, you will work with a trainer to assess the status of your health and wellness. Our trainers use a medical grade fitness assessment method taught to them by professional trainers Exos. We will take a very well-rounded look at your health by measuring things like weight, BMR, measurements and flexibility. Throughout the duration of your personal training sessions, we will reassess each of these measurements monthly in order to gauge your progress and to see where you can still improve.