Will is a Fitness Professional with a passion for helping people and demonstrating how the benefits of strength training can improve the quality of life for anyone. Will’s passion for fitness began at a young age with guidance from family members that are active in the fitness industry. His passion for fitness helped Will win multiple bodybuilding, and power lifting championships throughout his teen years. He has trained alongside some of the world’s top strength athletes with the goal of becoming a champion himself. Will uses his vast knowledge of advanced strength training principles to improve the well being of his clients. Although he specializes in coaching strength athletes achieve their next level, his training style applies to all who are willing to work hard in the gym regardless of goals, or limitations.

Will studied Biochemistry at the University of New Mexico, and is continuing his studies through the North Eastern Illinois Health Education Program. He holds multiple certifications as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Nutrition and as a certified strength coach through the United States Power lifting Association.