You made it to a new year!

fit couple doing lunges with dumbells

A new year has arrived, and you want to make some changes. You want to set some goals, make better decisions, form healthier habits and get into better shape. But where do you start? This is can be a difficult process for many folks, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why fitness resolutions aren’t followed […]

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How a Personal Trainer Increases Your Odds for Fitness Success

Working out with a personal trainer may seem like a big commitment without a clear promise of results. However, research and experience show that a relationship with a personal trainer dramatically increases your odds for fitness success. Here are four ways that personal training takes your workout plan to the next level. Boredom Busters If […]

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The Link Between Exercise and Mental Health

Woman lifting weights, using exercise to improve her mental health.

It’s likely you have heard that exercise is good for your mental health. And if you have spent time exercising, you have probably experienced that phenomenon for yourself. Time spent working up a sweat lifts your spirits and gives you a more positive outlook. But what exactly makes exercise such a balm to the tension […]

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Why Stretching Should Be Part of Your Fitness Routine

Women on yoga mats stretching as part of a fitness routine

Many of us know the benefits of cardiovascular training and weights training, and how they work together to increase our overall health. But what about stretching? It isn’t unusual for gym users to only stretch occasionally or even skip it altogether. After all, stretching doesn’t feel like much of a workout and may not seem […]

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Six Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer

Personal trainer spotting woman during deadlift

Your relationship with a personal trainer is intended to be a close one. In order to succeed and make progress, you need to trust that your trainer has your best interests at heart. For this reason, along with the many health and wellness questions you may have, you’ll probably want to learn more about their […]

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Why Hitting the Gym Will Help You Sleep

For many of us, the stresses of life often make sleep elusive. If you’re struggling to shut down at night and get the rest you need, your whole life is affected. Sure, you can choose to take sleeping aids to knock you out. But that doesn’t get to the root of the problem. One of […]

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Four Reasons You Should Use a Personal Trainer

If you plan to take your fitness seriously, there are lots of steps you can take. Joining a good gym is one. So is committing to working out a certain number of times per week. But what about hiring a personal trainer? While a trainer may seem like a luxury, in reality, the guidance and […]

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The Benefits of Adding Pro Nutrition to Your Fitness Routine

Pro Nutrition

You want to be strong, flexible, and fit. Nutrition can get you there. Healthy eating and a dynamic fitness routine go hand in hand. That’s why FitPro West offers Pro Nutrition, our online nutrition coaching. Why Is Good Nutrition So Important? Every day we make three very important decisions – breakfast, lunch, and dinner! What […]

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Making Time for Fitness When Your Calendar is Packed

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

It’s rare to find a person who doesn’t think that fitness is an important part of a healthy life. However, loving the idea of exercise is very different from making it a priority. Our schedules are full, our days are already long, and often we can’t imagine how to fit in one more thing. If […]

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Top 10 Gyms in Chicago

When you are looking for a gym in Chicago what do you do? You likely ask your friends or colleagues or take it to Google or Yelp to see what everyone else says. From Andersonville to Hyde Park and everywhere in between, Chicago has thousands of gyms, but what are the best ones? Any top-10 […]

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