Welcome to the Best Gym in Chicago

Are you looking for a decent gym in Chicago?  Despite the many facilities available, FitPro West stands out for many good reasons. We are the premier personal fitness center in the West Loop and we take a great deal of pride in consistently exceeding the expectations of our members. If you want to train in a gym that genuinely cares about your welfare, we welcome you to join us today. We appreciate the importance of tailored training to meet your personal goals, and we promise to work with you towards achieving them.

About FitPro West

Ours is a state of the art fitness facility where we offer member-focused and affordably-exclusive training programs. We started out small and over the years we have invested heavily in the latest gym equipment and a great training facility. Our team of EXOS trained personal trainers goes to extra lengths to achieve our mission, which is to help every client achieve their training goals. If you have been looking for a gym or a personal training facility in Chicago, don’t look any further.

Our EXOS Certified team led by our founder Carsten Beckmann boasts decades of combined experience and this sets us apart from any other gym in the West Loop and beyond. Each of our trainers brings specialized skills and expertise to the table and this has helped us rank highly on all best gym reviews in the city. Our commitment to excellence has helped us rank among the Expertise Best Gyms in Chicago 2018 and it is a milestone we owe to the dedication of our team.

Excellence and Commitment in Fitness Training

Our trainers at FitPro West go beyond the ordinary training exercises to help clients achieve their goals. We leverage the latest training regimes and technology to help our clients.  Through close collaboration, we have managed to achieve better results within a shorter period of time. We are committed to delivering 100% satisfaction by promoting excellence in every aspect of training.

When you visit us, we seek to build a lasting relationship by assessing and understanding your personal fitness and training goals. Our objective is to facilitate the achievement of your goals, and we do this through tailored training programs. Whether you need to lose weight, tone your body, slow the aging process, recover from injury, cope with stress or you have any other training objectives, we will help develop the optimal fitness training routine for you.

Our commitment is to walk with you from the moment you walk in our doors. We have made the membership process easy. You can even start with a 1 Day free trial/ free membership program.  If you have any lingering questions, our trainers are readily available and you can also contact our customer service team for assistance.

FitPro West Personal Training

Why Fitpro West Stands Out

Why should you join FitPro West? We have distinguished ourselves as the go-to Gym in Chicago through:

  •    State-of-the-art fitness facility,
  •    Personalized fitness training
  •    Highly experienced EXOS Certified fitness training Team
  •    Excellent customer service
  •    1 Day free trial/ free membership program
  •    Excellent amenities to aid your training program
  •    Amiable gym environment
  •    Availability on social media
  •  Systematic fitness straining starting with a medical assessment, workouts, and review of the custom program.

If you want to join the most trusted gym in Chicago, talk to us today and let’s walk together in your journey towards healthy living.  

What to Look for in a Gym in Chicago

If you have tried searching for a good gym in Chicago, you will agree this can be a tedious task. You have hundreds of facilities in the city and there is a real risk of choosing an unreliable gym.  The wrong gym choice can cost you a lot of money with no results. You also run the risk of injury due to inexperienced or unqualified trainers, trying to go it alone, or taking on too much too fast. Let our expert personal trainers look out for your best interests as they guide you on your path to optimal wellness.

To get the best value for money and achieve your fitness training goals, you need to choose a highly recommended gym such as FitPro West.  Such a gym has the requisite equipment and trainer expertise to help you achieve your training objectives at an affordable price. What’s more, you enjoy personalized training which makes training easier for you.

If you want to find the best gym in the West Loop, consider the following factors:

1. Total Cost

Don’t rush for the cheapest gym in the city because as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Instead, compare the best-rated gyms and find the one with a fair priced package. Look for special bargains and discounts and take advantage of these to cut the total costs. For instance, some gyms charge a lower price for annual subscriptions or couples’ or family membership.  FitPro West offers member-focused and affordably-exclusive training packages suitable for everyone.

2. State Of The Art Training Facility

The fitness training industry has witnessed tremendous advances in recent years, and you will notice this at FitPro West. Come see why we are the top-rated gym in Chicago.  We have sophisticated gym equipment which is safer and more effective to use. When comparing different gyms in the city, look for a state of the art fitness facility equipped with the latest training gear.   The use of technology in training helps our clients achieve their training goals faster, and you will enjoy every minute at the facility. FitPro West is among the best-equipped gyms in the Chicago, because we integrate the latest technology in training programs to help you achieve your training objectives.

3. Highly Experienced Trainers

A good gym must invest in the best trainers to help members achieve their fitness goals. If you want to find a reliable fitness center in the city, look for one with highly experienced and certified trainers. It is more comfortable and safer to rely on certified trainers to attain your fitness objectives. FitPro West boasts EXOS Certified personal trainers. This is just one of the factors that distinguishes us from other facilities in the West Loop.

4. Reviews and Industry Recognition

When comparing different fitness facilities, take time to read reviews and look for any recognition of the gym in the industry. If you find many complaints about a particular gym, heed the warnings and keep looking. Look for awards, positive reviews and testimonials to get a better understanding of the gym you intend to join. FitPro West ranks highly in the Expertise Best Gyms in Chicago 2018 List, and has favorable reviews from members.

5. Tailored Fitness Training

Everyone has unique training needs. The best gyms must recognize this and offer custom fitness training. Look for a gym which has personal trainers and custom training programs. It’s important that you choose a gym that will first assess your health and your goals, and then develop a tailored training plan that suits you. At FitPro West, this is our process every time.

Other things to consider are a convenient location, licensing, availability, excellent customer service, free trials, and personal lockers, among other factors.

At FitPro West, we have incorporated everything you would expect in the best gym which makes us your first choice gym in Chicago.

The FitPro West Difference

There is no denying that joining a good gym is a great move.  Routine exercises not only keep diseases at bay but also improve your outlook in life. It is easier to approach life when you are healthy. At FitPro West, we appreciate the importance of fitness training and we provide the best facility for you to achieve your goals. If you have been searching for a highly rated gym in Chicago, your search ends here. We have committed a lot of resources to distinguishing ourselves as your go-to Chicago gym, and we welcome you to experience The FitPro West Difference.

Why Choose The Best Gym in Chicago

Of course, there are many corner end gyms in every neighborhood in the West Loop and many people indeed join each of them. However, the results can be counterproductive – you might end up losing more than you gain. There is a real danger of injury because of poor safety standards and outdated gym equipment.   

Furthermore, you often have inexperienced gym trainers who push clients without assessing their health and training goals. Proper technique in all exercises is the key to preventing injury. If your trainer doesn’t know the correct form well enough to ensure you use it, you run a serious risk of injury. Poor hygiene standards might also lead to infections, which can cost a lot of money to treat. All these reasons and many others make it necessary to choose an established gym where they maintain the highest safety and health standards.

FitPro West has invested heavily in building a reputation as the best gym in Chicago, and we go to extra lengths to protect the safety and health of our clients. Talk to us today and enjoy a safe and healthy fitness training environment.

What Makes Our Gym Stand Out?

With so many fitness training facilities in Chicago, it is hard to choose the best. At FitPro West, our team has worked hard to incorporate all the qualities of an excellent gym in one place. We pride ourselves in receiving over 90% of our new clients from referrals by satisfied members. Our goal is to maintain our reputation even as we consistently work to improve our services.

If you are in search of a Chicago gym that can help achieve your fitness goals, look at the following qualities that distinguish us from other gyms in the area:

  • Excellent facility and amenities: We boast the latest gym equipment in the West Loop, and our state of the art fitness facility stands out from the rest. We endeavor to provide the ideal training environment to help clients meet their fitness goals.
  • Highly trained and certified personnel: Our team stands out regarding training and experience. We boast decades of combined experience led by our founder Carsten Beckmann, who has 25 years of personal training experience under his belt.  Our EXOS Certified Team has what it takes to help every client achieve their fitness goals.
  • Personalized/tailored fitness training: As the most highly recommend gym in Chicago, we go that extra mile to help clients achieve their fitness goals from the moment they walk through our doors. This we achieve through highly effective, custom-tailored training routines.
  • Comprehensive fitness training: We offer a holistic approach to fitness training starting with a health assessment, goal evaluation, planning, implementation and constant review of the plan. Your trainer will work with you throughput and ensure you meet your training goals.
  • Award-winning services:  We pride in our ranking among the Expertise Best Gyms in Chicago 2018. It is through our highly dedicated team that this is possible.

For a more effective approach to fitness training, welcome to our gym in Chicago.  We promise to exceed your expectations every time you train with us.