How Exercise Reduces Your Stress

Everyone knows that exercising is good for your physical health, but did you know it also increases your mental and emotional health as well? One of the simplest treatments for stress is physical activity. It’s true that when you are feeling maxed out, working out may be the last...

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Chicago Health Clubs

Chicago has a unique and diverse population so it’s no surprise the city’s health clubs reflect this. A health club should be your oasis, a place you can get away from life’s day-to-day hustle. Whether you need to unwind, get a good sweat in or feel pampered, Chicago has...

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Strength Training with FitPro Dave Wright

Photo by AberroCreative on Pixabay

As a Personal Trainer, you are always looking for the latest and greatest information that can enhance the training experience for each client. Continuing education is a must in order to provide clients with the safest and most effective training methods to accomplish their fitness goals. In 2017, I...

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Thirsty Thursdays

Photo by ponce_photography on Pixabay

After another Chicago winter, it’s finally time to enjoy this beautiful city in the hot summer sun! Patio season is here and cold beverages have never tasted better. ProNutrition offers cold, tasty smoothie recipes that will help you through your work week while providing the valuable nutrients your body craves....

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Why Choosing the Right Personal Trainer Matters


A personal trainer is an expert in helping people get the most out of every workout. Not only do they help you key into those troublesome areas, but they motivate and inspire you. Here are some reasons why finding the right personal trainer is critical for getting what you...

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