Holly L. MacDowell, NSCA-CPT, I.S.S.A. CFT

It’s All About You! 25 years of coaching have proven to Holly that each client deserves a custom program. Every body is distinct and imprinted with unique life experiences; each one requires individual attention,
analysis and consideration. That includes the human being who inhabits that body. What is important to them? How do they live? Work? What do they enjoy? What do they need? Holly works with people who want this kind of dedication from someone who is not only capable and skilled, but invested in a better life for her clients.

Successes Include:

Increased experience of personal power and feeling alive in one’s body
Fat loss, energy and strength gains, physique development
Improved mobility, balance and coordination
Returns to activity after injury or lay-off
Decreased pain associated with arthritis or inactivity
Improvements in self-care, esteem and body image
Development of enduring routines for living fit and healthy
As your personal trainer, Holly will observe and assess your movements. She will design a fitness program appropriate for your goals and abilities. She will lead you through active workouts, all the while providing you with encouragement and informative feedback. She’s your coach, your collaborator, your advocate. It Is All About You!