Natalia Kley-Wisniewska

Natalia has more than five years of experience in personal training. She also competed on American Ninja Warrior and is a Kickboxing Champion. Natalia enjoyed numerous sports at an early age — gymnastics, dancing, handball — but discovered kickboxing at 16 and is practicing it today.  After joining one of the top Martial Arts schools in Germany, she quickly became one of the country’s top competitors, wining the German National Championships in 2009.  Natalia trains competitive kickboxers and has dedicated her life to studying fitness management, health economics and adolescent group training, rehabilitation training, cardio training, strength training, fitness training and nutrition.

Natalia also has experience in kids and youth training, mostly in kickboxing, self defense and general fitness training. She worked at schools with big groups of children and in individual training.
Since October 2014 Natalia is a trainer at Trainer Raynor Inc.
Education and Work Experience
– Bachelor of Arts Fitness Management 2/2013
– Trainer for Sports Rehabilitation (BSA) 4/12/12
– Trainer License of BSA 2/2013
– Nutrition Consultant (BSA) 1/20/11
– Trainer for health-related Fitness training (BSA) 1/11/12
– Sales Manager (BSA-School of Health Management) 12/8/10
– Communication Trainer (BSA) 9/7/11
– Trainer for Cardiofitness (BSA) 3/16/11
– Company Manager (BSA) 12/5/12
– Marketing Manager (BSA) 7/6/11
– Team and Quality Control Manager (BSA) 5/31/12
– trainer at Trainer Raynor Inc. 10/2014
Competitive Kickboxing (biggest achievements)
– 1. Degree Black Belt Kickboxing 2008
– German National Champion 2009 WAKO
– numerous national and international tournaments winner WAKO
– 2 times WKC US National Kickboxing Team representative
– silver medal 2013 World Championships WKC
– bronze medal 2014 World Championships WKC
– double bronze (2 weight categories) World Cup in Austria 2014 WAKO
– US Open super light division winner 2014 ISKA