Stephanie graduated from Walsh University in North Canton, OH in 2001. Shortly after, she moved to Chicago where she worked in a financial firm for 10 years. After years of attending group fitness classes, she started working with a personal trainer 6 years ago, which inspired her to become a personal trainer less than a year later.

Stephanie believes in a taking a progressive approach to workouts by designing programs tailored to an individual’s goals and fitness level to yield the best results. Her training style incorporates mastering basic movements used in everyday life, like squats, lunges, hip hinging, and pressing and pulling movements, which improves nervous system function, helps clients increase their range of motion, reduce pain, and become stronger.

With nearly 6 years of personal training experience, and certifications through NASM, Poliquin, and a variety of continuing education, Stephanie caters to all ages, fitness levels, and goals. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned athlete, she can educate you and help you achieve your goals.